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Listing Guidelines and Terms

Are all sites eligible to be included in the web directory?
No. Web pages featuring pornography, racism, gambling or illegal activities are prohibited. Web sites must be operational, complete, and provide legitimate content. We reserve the right to decline link requests for any reason.

What happens if my business is not approved for a Directory link?
If we decline to list your web site for any reason, your submission fee will be refunded in full and you will notified accordingly by email.

Can I select the Directory category where my web site link will appear?
We encourage you to indicate your preferred category selection on our submission form. However, to preserve the quality of our Directory, we reserve the right to either create a new category for your web site link or place the link to your web page in the most appropriate Business, Leisure, or Shopping category.

Why was my banner ad image reduced by 50%?
The traditional banner ad image is 468 X 60 pixels. We reduce banner ad images by 50% to a size of 234 X 30 in our Directory pages in order to provide an attractive page appearance and enable web pages to load faster. Premium Listing members enjoy the benefit of having a full-size banner ad rotate at the top of our Directory pages. While we perform the image reduction for our customers, we recommend you reduce the banner ad image by 50% prior to submission if you are concerned about the appearance of a reduced banner ad.

What is your Privacy Policy?
The SCM Business Directory is operated by Site Climb Marketing. Site Climb Marketing does not store any information related to customer credit card numbers. All payment processing for this Directory is administered by a third-party credit card processing Company, 2Checkout.com. Please review 2Checkout.com's Privacy Policy during checkout for further details related to credit card processing. All contact information related to web site links can be kept confidential by selecting "Opt Out" during the link submission process. By selecting "Opt In", you allow Site Climb Marketing to provide your contact information to partners offering additional link building opportunities and search engine improvement ideas.

Site Climb Marketing and the SCM Business Directory are not associated with the companies listed in our Directory and are not responsible for products or service delivered or provided by the companies and organizations listed in this Directory.

Still have a question that was not answered here? Please E-mail us and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

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